MATHIS's Live DJ Rig has been a process that has developed over a few years. Having produced music purely on live instruments and also spent time beat-making in his teens, this project is a combining of all these worlds. Same sounds, NO laptops, simply music in the moment, ready to travel anywhere. This is MATHIS' CDJs.

Elements is essentially Mathis’ Live DJ Rig with drummer Savannah Harris, percussionist Kofi Hunter and Vocalist Alyssa McDoom. With the use of live percussion, the possibilities of blending different sounds is expanded to a whole new level. Each musician also incorporates both live and electronic instruments. Having performed in NYC, Mathis x Elements is a groove machine that takes you on a Journey of sounds

With their much anticipated debut release arriving in April, MATHIS Sound Orchestra is the ultimate MATHIS experience. A combination of his Live DJ rig, his Elements Rhythm section and now his horn section whom MATHIS writes each part for exclusively. This 9 piece band Is powerhouse of sound. It is the full actualisation of live electronic music taken to the next level. You can hear a mixture of Ellingtonian big band writting, drum and bass drum machines rhythms, live horn and drum solos by the best musicians on the scene - thus a true blend of old and new. You can come hear MATHIS Sound Orchestra Live at Nublu on May 30th to for their release party - you do not want to miss this !